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Apr 19

Globalization Killing Nation State Softly?

When defining the impact globalization on the national state, a group of political scientists believe that, the nation is coming to an...

Jan 17

Reconciliation? What Does It Mean? How Does It Work?

The basic idea of reconciliation is “coming back together” or “becoming friends again” this can be identified as one of the major...

Dec 22

What is the Difference Between Political Parties and Pressure Groups

Political parties and pressure groups both are equally important players in the game of politics. In terms of influence both these...

May 31

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...

Dec 22

How to categorize Political Parties

There are several ways to categorize political parties. 1. Cadre-based parties & mass parties (non Cadre) 2. Representative and...

Dec 25

Patali Champika Ranawaka (PCR) is Aiming at Presidency?

PCR is something we are familiar with these days as it is a common Covid 19 related term. However, this blog is about a different PCR and...